In the era of globalization of Mobile Internet, the developed countries are experiencing the phase of mobile internet replacing traditional internet. For the developing countries, though a little lagged behind, they are entering the phase of smartphone directly and taking advantage from the demographic dividend.

With the Internet, global mobile users are highly connected anytime, anywhere. A game player in India can compete with another player, who might be in the United States.

All these provide the global mobile Internet developers as well as entrepreneurial companies with unprecedented opportunities, just like the adventurers in the Age of Exploration.

Peer Advisory Group

We initiate the Nemo Band peer advisory group with elites from Mobile Internet, including outstanding entrepreneurs, VC investors, Executives of quoted companies, and partners from all over the world, offer strategies and suggestions for your company, such as Business Models, Enterprise Strategy, Product Positioning, Marketing Strategy and Financing.

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

— Christopher Columbus

Nemo ventures primarily invests in mobile startups all over the world, offering the entrepreneurs assistances in exploring global market. Nemo Ventures focuses on Entertainment, Gaming, Electronic Commerce, Mobile Marketing, Tools, Payment, etc.

In the Age of Exploration of Mobile Internet, we serve as the fueling engine of support for entrepreurs, allowing them to explore the global market freely.

If you have any innovative projects or ideas, please contact us by email.

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